Dorel Distribution Canada Responds To Transport Canada's Consumer Information Notice on Designer 22 Car Seat

Montreal, Quebec August 6, 2009 — Transport Canada has released a Consumer Information Notice (CIN) and accompanying video links referencing Dorel’s Designer 22 infant car seat with adjustable base. Transport Canada confirms that the D22 meets all required regulatory performance standards, and acknowledges that “these in-vehicle crash tests exceeded the existing performance requirements of the safety standards, and are not mandated in any jurisdiction worldwide”. . There have been no reported injuries or confirmed base-to-seat separation occurrences.

The issue in the CIN is based on experimental testing conducted over a number of years with severe crash test methods by Transport Canada that showed when used with the adjustable base, the Designer 22 infant car seat may potentially separate from the base, or the base may crack during an extreme frontal collision. Again, these types of experimental tests are not included in any child restraint regulatory standards in any jurisdiction worldwide.

Under normal in-use conditions and in keeping with all current government standards, the D22 infant car seat meets or exceeds all regulatory performance requirements to keep children safe.

Dorel Distribution Canada believes this CIN is extremely misleading to consumers. To be clear, the testing was conducted under extreme test conditions which do not at all replicate standard Canadian safety standards.

As always, particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the proper installation of the infant car seat and adjustable base in the vehicle, and the recommended useful life of the product. Consumers who may be missing their instruction manual may call Dorel Distribution Canada's help line at 1-866-556-0029 to request a replacement copy.

As a leading juvenile products provider, Dorel Distribution Canada honors its responsibility to parents and caregivers to offer products with the highest quality and reliability standards for its users. Our child restraint systems meet or exceed all federal regulations put forth by Transport Canada.. Dorel Distribution Canada strongly recommends all consumers place their children in an age-and weight-appropriate car seat to enhance their child's safety while riding in a motor vehicle.

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