Dorel Distribution Canada in cooperation with Health Canada will be conducting a voluntary public notice on the Safety 1st Push'n Snap Cabinet Lock model # 48442 & 48391.

There is a potential under certain circumstances for a child to defeat the cabinet lock, which may allow access to the contents of the cabinet. Only cabinet locks manufactured prior to December, 2010 are affected by this public notice. Cabinet locks manufactured in or after December 2010 are not affected. The item number can be found on the back of the product.

The date code can also be found on the back of the product in the form of a date wheel. The arrow on the date wheel points to the month of manufacture and the numbers to the left and right of the arrow represent the year (see pictures):

(Date wheel above represents August/2010)

DDC encourages consumers with the affected cabinet locks to complete the online order form by visiting our website to obtain a free replacement. Consumers may also call the toll-free Consumer Relations number 1-866-762-3212 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Consumers should stop using the cabinet lock and follow the instructions to obtain a replacement. Consumers should not return product to retail stores.